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First-grade students will grow their skills in mental math as they learn about adding doubles minus 1. They will be amazed at how fast it can be to add in their heads when they learn this skill. Students will have the chance to practice adding doubles and cement this skill in their minds as they practice adding doubles minus 1. These worksheets are a great way for students to demonstrate and practice their understanding before moving on to try their hand at adding near doubles.
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You can just print out these worksheets by ArgoPrep and students will be practicing their skills and showing their understanding in no time! These materials were created by teachers and are excellent for helping students to master the skills they need to learn for first grade. These adding double and then subtracting-one worksheets will help students to continue to see the relationships between adding doubles and adding doubles minus one. After practicing this standard, students will easily be able to move on and try their hand at adding near doubles in a future lesson. They will begin to realize how quickly they can add doubles in their heads and will be memorizing the math facts, while growing their skills with adding doubles at the same time. Knowing how to quickly add doubles will increase students' speed with addition, as well as setting the foundation for increasing their talents with subtraction in later units.