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ArgoPrep's add 3 single digit number worksheets for grade-one students will have them adding numbers like a pro in no time! Building on previous lessons students have completed, students will have the chance to practice adding three numbers, such as 2+3+1 or 5+3+2. These free and easily downloadable worksheets are great for students to be able to practice and show what they know! ArgoPrep's worksheets are just what is needed for grade one students who are growing in their addition skills.
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This first-grade worksheet will have students adding three single-digit numbers up in no time! Students have previously only worked with adding two single-digit numbers, such as 2+3 or 5+6. They will now build on that skill by adding a third number to the mix. They will quickly see that adding up three single-digit numbers problem, such as 2+3+4 or 5+6+2, is just another step and they quickly will become proficient with this skill as they practice with this worksheet. First-grade students will then be ready to move on to other areas like double digit addition without regrouping. This teacher-created worksheet is an excellent worksheet to help students, as well as being a free download. Students will have the chance to practice this skill by adding 3 single-digit numbers. They will be well-prepared to move on to the next lesson when they have finished. Students, parents, and teachers will love these worksheets!