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This addition worksheets is all about add in columns 2 digit plus 1 digit no regrouping, such as 12+3 or 10+6. Grade one students will quickly learn this skill as they have ample opportunities to practice with strategies they have already learned. This worksheet has no need for regrouping, and the numbers are in columns to make it easier for students, so they can become comfortable with adding double-digit to single-digit numbers,  and familiar with the process before moving on to a more challenging skill. Grade-one students will quickly learn how to add double-digit to single-digit numbers with ease.
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Working with first graders who are learning how to add double-digit and single-digit numbers for the first time, or who need some more practice? This free, downloadable worksheet will be an excellent way for grade one students to practice and become proficient with this skill with adding single-digit numbers to double-digit numbers. They will build on their addition skills by working with numbers that are double digits, but without needing to regroup, such as when two numbers add up to a larger 10s place, such as 15+7. Students will instead begin with practicing with numbers that don't require regrouping, like 10+2 or 15+3, to prepare them for learning about regrouping in the near future. The numbers will also be in columns so students will become familiar with seeing them like this in preparation for larger numbers in the future. This free and downloadable worksheet by ArgoPrep is just what is needed to give students the chance to practice or review their addition skills and abilities. Download it today so students can get started right away!