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These worksheets are an excellent resource for first graders who are learning to add two 2 digit numbers in columns no regrouping. The numbers will be in columns, which will help them in the future when they do need to begin regrouping. These numbers such that they don't need regrouping yet, such as 10+20 or 15+12. Students will have a chance to practice the process before moving on to the more challenging step of understanding regrouping. Grade one students will practice this skill by adding up two two-digit numbers.
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Grade one students will love this opportunity to practice or review adding two two-digit numbers in columns in this teacher-created worksheet by ArgoPrep. They will use their addition skills to try out more challenging numbers such as 15+12 or 13+14, without having to regroup or change the numbers. In other words, neither number exceeds ten when added together and doesn't need to be moved into the next column, such as what would happen with 15+15 or 18+22. In the first example when you add the fives, they will make ten and only the zero goes in the first column, with the one going to the tens column, as will be explained to students in later lessons. This excellent worksheet builds upon previous lessons where students were adding two-digit and one-digit numbers in columns. Grade-one students will easily become comfortable with the process and begin the journey towards working with more complex numbers, one step at a time.