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Grade one students will continue progressing in their skills with addition problems by completing this worksheet by adding two single digit numbers sum 10 or less such as 8+1 or 7+3. Students will review this concept before moving on to more challenging numbers requiring regrouping in the future. This excellent, free, and downloadable worksheet was designed by teachers to help first-grade students learn the math skills they need to know.
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Grade one students will have the chance to review working with single-digit numbers with a sum of ten or less on this teacher-created worksheet. This will continue to prepare students for future lessons where they will work with numbers that add up to numbers larger than ten. The next step in teaching students about addition with regrouping is having students work with single-digit numbers that don't exceed an answer of ten, or less, such as 8+2 or 5+5. This might seem like a review for students after having worked to find the sum of two double-digit numbers without regrouping, but it is another step closer in the process towards learning about double-digit addition with regrouping and they will quickly show their skill in this area. This will continue to set a solid foundation for more challenging problems to come. Download this free worksheet from ArgoPrep today and students can get right-to-work showing and growing their skills with addition!