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Grade-one students are continuing to build on their skills with addition in this worksheet by completing these problems with single-digit addends with a sum of twenty or less. This will help them to begin to understand the process used when having an answer that in the tens column, such as with 9+4, or 8+8. This worksheet is free, downloadable, and created by teachers for first-grade math students and an excellent resource for helping students learn all they need to learn about addition.
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This grade one worksheet involves adding two single-digit numbers with a sum of twenty or less, such as 9+9 or 6+8. This worksheet increasingly takes students a step further in the journey towards learning how to add double-digit numbers with regrouping, in the future. This teacher-created resource is an excellent way to ensure that grade-one students grow in their knowledge of addition, with various types of problems, as they work towards solving more difficult ones. In this worksheet, students will be exposed to answers that require them to use the tens column, such as with 9+9=18. This worksheet is a great resource to use for students to practice or show their understanding, with single-digit addition that has sums of 20 or less. Students will love this opportunity to try out their addition skills with larger numbers. Download this free worksheet by ArgoPrep and students can get started right away!