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Students will quickly become adept with their addition skills by adding whole tens 2 digits in these worksheets. Grade one students will add numbers like 10+10 or 10+20 in this teacher-created worksheet by ArgoPrep. This free downloadable worksheet will. have students continuing to work with adding double-digit numbers, but this time they will be tens. 20+30 might look more challenging, but students will quickly see that they already have the skills they need to complete problems like this.
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First-grade students will have the opportunity to work with seemingly more complex numbers in this worksheet that has them adding whole tens, again with two-digits, such as 10+20 or 20+40. Students will quickly see that they already have the knowledge it takes to complete these problems and they are as simple as adding the numbers like in previous lessons even though they are larger numbers. This worksheet will have students adding larger numbers than previously, though they are well-prepared with how the worksheets have been building their growth with addition skills. Students will love these free teacher-created worksheets by ArgoPrep that help them to practice and demonstrate their understanding as they learn new skills as they progress through first-grade math. This free downloadable worksheet will help students to continue their growth with addition by giving them the chance to practice adding two-digit numbers that are whole tens.