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These worksheets by ArgoPrep continue to have students work with algebraic thinking by completing addition problems with a missing addend sum under 20. These worksheets will have students continue practicing working with addition problems that are missing an addend, but which include the answer. In this case the problems have sums that are under 20, such as 8 + __=19, or 7+__=17. Students will be challenged to complete these worksheets and grow their skills in algebraic thinking by finding the missing addend rather than the answer.
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These worksheets by ArgoPrep are created by teachers and do an excellent job of giving students a chance to practice the standards they should be learning in first-grade math. These worksheets continue to challenge students with using algebraic thinking by completing addition problems that have sums that are under twenty, but are missing an addend, such as 7+__=15, or __+5=12. Students will practice using inverted thinking or subtract to find the answer, unlike regular addition problems that require students to find the sum. These worksheets are free and downloadable for students in all learning situations to use to grow their skills and understanding. With the larger numbers, the worksheet will be more challenging than the past worksheet, but will continue to have students practicing discovering the missing addend in addition problems. Grade-one students will appreciate the opportunity to continue practicing this skill with larger numbers.