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Number bonds sum 9 are below in these worksheets from ArgoPrep. Number-bonds help first-grade students understand the relationships between the numbers in addition problems. For example, 5 and 3 make 9, and 3 and 5 makes 9 also. By practicing with the worksheet below, students will continue to grow their arithmetic skills and become more proficient with the relationships between the numbers. Since they are focusing on numbers adding to 9, they will really be solid in their knowledge of addition facts with nine.
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This number-bonds worksheet by ArgoPrep has students working with sums of 9, such as 5, 2, and 9, or 8, 1, and 9. Growing skills in addition is an important area that first graders work on in math throughout the year. This worksheet will help students really increase their familiarity with numbers that add to nine. This, in turn, helps them to become more familiar with related math facts and brings more accuracy to their work. When students have memorized their math facts, they no longer need to use addition strategies like number lines, pictures, or some other method for simple single-digit addition. This teacher-created worksheet helps first graders learn what they need to know to build a solid foundation in their first-grade math so they will be well prepared for future and more challenging lessons. Download this free worksheet today to have students practice or review their skills with number-bonds with sums to nine.