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Students will use these worksheets to do number lines equation to find the sum of two numbers like 30+20, by adding up on the number line. This is a great strategy for first graders to use with addition problems to ensure accuracy with their answers. This worksheet by ArgoPrep has first-graders showing their skills with number lines and equations. Download the worksheet found below to have grade one students working on number line equations today!
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This teacher-created worksheet by ArgoPrep is just what grade one students need to practice their skills with number lines and equations. This worksheet has first graders adding up larger numbers, such as 30+30, with the strategy of using a number line that they can jump from the first number, and add up the next, to find the answer for the problem. Students will also be able to improve speed and accuracy in their work when they carefully follow the number line. Students are using this method to add up larger numbers and will have the opportunity to show their understanding of using number lines to find the answers to addition problems. This skill will help them in the future with other uses of number lines. This worksheet is free to download and will help students practice and demonstrate their learning. First graders will love this chance to show what they know about number lines and addition!