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First-grade students will love working on addition problems with these cute pictures objects to depict the problems. The use of pictures and objects is a strategy that helps students understand and improves accuracy with math problems. Grade-one students will love working on these teacher-created worksheets where they can count the pictures to check their work. They will also decide which equation is appropriate for a few problems at the end. Download this pictures and objects worksheet for grade one today!
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This grade one worksheet by ArgoPrep is full of objects and pictures which help students with their addition problems. Students will also have the chance to decide which equation best fits a group of objects and shows the addition problem accurately at the end of the worksheet. This worksheet was created by teachers and meets first-grade math standards for what they should be learning this year. Grade-one students will absolutely love working with the cute pictures, as well as learning a valuable strategy they can use for many types of math problems, such as subtraction and word problems. The visual aids will also help students who need to see visually what they are doing in a problem or are visual learners. This worksheet has students practicing their skills and showing their understanding of the material. Download this free worksheet today so your grade one student can get started working on these addition problems!