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Grade one students will work with base ten blocks in this worksheet from ArgoPrep in which they will be adding two double-digit numbers. Base ten blocks are a great way for grade-one students to see visually what they are adding, as well as preparing them for addition requiring regrouping in the future. Students will become more familiar with base tens and ones as they work with the base ten blocks. This worksheet is free and easily downloadable for grade students to use in practice or review of base ten blocks and addition of double-digit numbers.
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This grade one worksheet combines the use of base ten blocks with the addition of single and double-digit numbers that they have previously been learning. This worksheet is an excellent way to begin to introduce students to working with ten's and one's places as they prepare to do addition with regrouping in the future. this way students will begin to understand how a one in the one's place means something very different than a one in the ten's place means. The pictorial representation of the numbers helps students to see the problem as they work out the addition and is a great strategy for use with addition. Students will also begin to see the differences between the ten's and one's place as they practice or review with this worksheet. Grade one students will enjoy the beautiful pictures in the worksheet as well as the opportunity to review double-digit addition without regrouping. This teacher-created worksheet by ArgoPrep is an excellent resource and is free and easily downloadable for students to use.