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These worksheets by ArgoPrep is all measurement & data. Students will be learning about telling time by looking at the hands on the clock and deciding what time the clocks have on them. Students will work to telling the time to the hour as a beginning foundation for telling time. Students will appreciate this chance to work with discovering the hour on the clocks. This worksheet is created by teachers and gives students the opportunity to practice their skills with looking at the hands of the clock and determining the hour.
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It's about time! This worksheet for first grade, by ArgoPrep, is all about telling time. First graders will start with just looking at the hour hand and determining the hour on the clocks. The minute hand is at the zero each time, so they will just focus on determining if it is 5:00, or 6:00, or 10:00, etc. Students will appreciate the opportunity to begin learning about telling time and this teacher-created worksheet helps them do just that. This foundational worksheet will prepare them for lessons in the future where they will begin working on telling time to the hour and the half hour. This is only the beginning, but grade-one students will get a good start with learning about clocks with this worksheet. This worksheet will help students solidify in their understanding which hand is the hour hand. Download this free worksheet today so students can get right to work showing their understanding and practicing telling time with these clocks.