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Grade-one students will work on their skills with tens and ones in these number & operations in base ten worksheets. Students will decide how many tens or ones are in numbers like 32, 94 or 87. Students will have room to draw tens rods and ones on this worksheet as they work to decipher how many tens and ones are in each number on the worksheet. First graders will have the chance to see that they really know their stuff when they determine how many tens and ones are represented by the numbers. Download the below worksheet today!
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep is all about place value and grade-one students will have the chance to decide how many tens and ones are in each of the numbers on this worksheet. Students have space to draw out their tens rods and ones to show their work as they work to discover how many tens and ones are needed to make each number.  This teacher-created worksheet enables students to practice their skills with place value by having them determine the tens and ones needed for each number, rather than the other way around as they have done in the past. First graders will work with numbers like 45 and 99 and get the chance to draw out the number. This teacher-created worksheet will help students to practice and show their understanding with place value. This worksheet will really help students to understand place value as they have to work through what each number represents. Download this worksheet and get started today!