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Grade one students will be comparing the value of various numbers in this worksheet where they will decide whether a number is greater-than, less-than, or equal to. Students will really need to think carefully about the numbers and the direction the symbol should go, to get this worksheet correct! This worksheet is a great way for students to become even more familiar with their numbers to 100 and comparing the value of the numbers. Download this teacher-created worksheet today!
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This teacher-created worksheet by ArgoPrep is focused on having first graders choosing between greater-than, less-than, and equal to, with various numbers. Students will get multiple chances to practice determining if the statement should be read as 91 is greater-than (>) 19, 91 is less-than (<) 19, or 91 is equal to (=) 19. Students will work to compare the numbers in each problem and decide which statement, and thus which symbol is correct. This worksheet is an excellent way for first graders to learn about greater-than/less-than problems and how to use the symbols properly. This worksheet is a good way to introduce greater-than/less-than to grade-one students or to have them review the symbols and concepts. Understanding the differences between greater, lesser, or equal numbers is important to strengthen students' number sense and helping them prepare for more challenging problems in the future. Download this worksheet today so students can start learning all about greater-than/ less-than.