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This worksheet, by ArgoPrep, is all about comparing, ordering, and understanding numbers. Grade-one students will need to have a strong foundation with numbers as they go on in math, so this is an important part of first-grade math. This worksheet is created by teachers and helps students to grow in their knowledge of what numbers represent and what their value is. This worksheet is a great way for grade-one students to practice and grow in their understanding of numbers.
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep is all about ordering numbers. Grade one students have been learning about the value of numbers, comparing those numbers, looking at number patterns, etc. They will have a chance with this worksheet to show their number sense and abilities with numbers within 100 by ordering and comparing them again in this worksheet. Created by teachers, this worksheet is right in line with the standards that grade-one students should be learning in their math curriculum. Students should be able to order numbers from least to greatest or vice-versa from greatest to least. Having a solid number sense will really help grade-one students in the future as numbers will only get larger and equations more complicated. This worksheet will only strengthen their understanding of numbers and what they represent. Download this worksheet today and students can get busy with comparing and ordering numbers!