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This grade-one worksheet is all about counting money! Students will use their knowledge of various coins and addition to add up the money on this worksheet. They will also have a chance to decide what coins are needed to make an amount of money. Students will appreciate learning about the value of each of the coins and using their knowledge of adding single and double-digit numbers to solve the answers. Download this worksheet by ArgoPrep today!
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep will help first graders with their knowledge of money. Students will use their skills with addition and money while working to add up various coins to make amounts of money and decide how much a group of coins is worth. This worksheet is teacher-created and will benefit grade-one students in their knowledge of money and addition as they practice working with various coins. They will work with questions like what coins add up to make 9 cents and what do a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel add up to? Students will appreciate the chance to grow their skills with math as they learn more about money with this worksheet. This worksheet is right in line with what grade-one students should be learning during first grade. This worksheet will help grade-one students learn more about those coins they have been collecting and about what various coins add up to when paying for things they would like to buy.