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This worksheet continues to have grade-one students work with fractions, however, they will be looking for the fractional part of a group-set this time. Grade-one students will practice a new concept with fractions as they look at a set of objects and decide what fractional part is different from the others. For instance, one out of three might be black and the other two white. The answer would be 1/3 is black. This ArgoPrep worksheet is an excellent way for students to practice working with fractions!
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This ArgoPrep worksheet has grade-one students looking at a group set and determining what fractional part is unique. For instance, a set could be a group of five similar objects. The fractional part might be that one object is shaded out of the five total. Students will decide which fraction to use for each group-set. In this case, it would be 1/5. Students will look at fractions a different way in this worksheet because rather than splitting a chocolate bar into fourths or cutting an apple into two equal parts, these group-sets are already individual parts. Instead, students will look for how many parts of the whole are being referred to, such as how many are shaded out of the total. This is an excellent way for grade-one students to continue working with fractions but in a new way, further expanding their understanding of fractions. Download this teacher-created worksheet and have students get to work on it today!