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This worksheet by ArgoPrep introduces grade-one students to data and graphing. Working with a topic that students will love thinking about, first graders will first graph the data and then answer questions evaluating the data that is given. This worksheet will challenge students to think deeply about the questions regarding the data. This foundational worksheet will set grade-one students up for learning about graphing in the future and is an excellent way to begin practicing with data.
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep has grade-one students exploring the use of bar graphs with a set of data about pets. Students will be graphing the results of hypothetical class data about dogs, cats, and fish. After graphing the information, students will evaluate the data and decide how many more like one or the other, how many pets there are in all, or which is the least chosen pet. Grade-one students will probably be thinking about pets they would love to have as they work with this data to fill out the graph and answer the evaluation questions. This worksheet is a great way to introduce grade-one students to graphing, data, and ways of evaluating that data. This worksheet is teacher-created and an excellent way for first graders to practice their skills with and learn about bar graphs. Download this worksheet today so students can get right to work practicing and reviewing their skills with graphing!