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This worksheet has students drawing and measuring objects at the same time with non-standard units. Grade-one students will draw objects that are a number of squares in length, such as a pencil that is 5 squares long or a crayon that is 3 squares long. Students will work with measurement and practice the concept of measuring themselves while choosing objects to draw. Students will love working on this worksheet by ArgoPrep which incorporates both art and mathematics!
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This worksheet uses non-standard units of length to measure with and asks students to draw objects that are the given length. Students will appreciate the chance to draw pictures of objects that are various lengths and will be working with squares to measure those objects. This worksheet introduces the concept of measurement without having to learn the metric system first. Students will appreciate the chance to practice their art and math at the same time. Grade-one students can find objects around their house or classroom that are the right number of squares given in each problem. This worksheet allows first graders to explore the use of measurement and test out their understanding. This worksheet is a great introduction to measurement and is right in line with the standards of what grade-one students should be learning in grade-one about measurement. Download and print out this teacher-created worksheet today and students can practice their skills with measurement today!