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This worksheet will have students looking for what object is the longest and which is the shortest. A few times they will even have the opportunity to try their hand at drawing their own according to the specific directions. This worksheet will help grade-one students understand the difference between the terms longest and shortest, as well as having them finding measurements of various objects. Download the worksheet below to have students practice working with measurement!
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Grade-one students will continue to practice their skills with measurement on this worksheet by ArgoPrep. Students will decide which of three arrows or hammers is the longest or shortest by circling their choice. Students will have multiple opportunities to practice with the meaning of the words longest and shortest, which might be a newer concept for them. In addition, students will have the chance to draw their own objects according to the directions given. They will draw a longer and a shorter object to go with the one that is already there. This teacher-created worksheet will have students looking for measurements and comparing the size of objects everywhere when they are done with their work! Download this worksheet today and students can get right to work on learning about longest and shortest and how to use accurate measurement. This worksheet is a great way for grade-one students to continue to practice with measurement!