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This worksheet by ArgoPrep introduces data to grade-one students. Students will use the data that is in a graph to complete a data table and then various evaluation questions about the data. Students will be looking at data from a set of students who gave their favorite color choice of blue, yellow, or purple. Students will count the number of happy faces to determine the number of students who chose a particular color and then answer the questions below. This worksheet is a great way for students to practice with data!
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep has grade-one students learning about using and evaluating a set of data. In this case, students will use the information in a graph that shows the number of students who prefer a particular color. Students will first complete a data table to determine the number that chose each color and then evaluate the data while answering various questions about the data, such as how many students chose blue as their favorite color? First graders will be challenged to answer questions like how many more students chose purple over yellow, which isn't as simple to answer. This worksheet will continue to grow first graders' understanding of graphing and data, as well as giving them multiple opportunities to practice working with the data. This worksheet is teacher-created and is right in line with what first graders should be learning so they will have a solid understanding to build on in the future.