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This ArgoPrep worksheet is designed to have grade-one students work with skip counting (or adding) by tens. This worksheet should be a review of skip counting that first graders practiced a lot last year and a great continuation of a practice that will help students as they learn more challenging types of math in the future. This worksheet is free and easily downloadable for use in any learning situation. Download this worksheet today and first graders can practice skip counting by tens!
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Grade-one students will have the opportunity to practice skip counting by tens in this worksheet by ArgoPrep. Counting by tens helps students with so many math processes such as adding, multiplying, dividing and with their overall number sense. Therefore, first graders need to keep practicing working with skip counting or adding by tens, fives, twos, etc. to 100, so they keep their skills and speed up in this area. This worksheet will help them do just that! This worksheet is teacher-created and meets the standards of what first graders should be learning about in math throughout this school year. This worksheet is an excellent way for first graders to continue to review skills they began working with last year and will develop further in the future. Download this skip counting worksheet and grade-one students will be able to demonstrate just how skilled and fast they are with counting by tens!