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The worksheet below is by ArgoPrep and deals with teaching grade-one students all about even and odd numbers. First graders might not always remember which is which, but they will have multiple opportunities to practice on this worksheet and will be experts by the end! This worksheet will give grade-one students the chance to see that even numbers are in groups of two. This worksheet is free and an excellent way for first graders to practice working with even and odd numbers.!
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What is an even or an odd number? Students will appreciate this worksheet by ArgoPrep that reviews and allows them to practice this very concept. Grade-one students might not be certain about which is which, but by the end of this worksheet, they should be very clear about what an even number is and what an odd number is. Students use the concept of even and odd numbers in so many different ways, such as counting by twos to speed up a count of two items or pairing off in groups of two or four. Students will learn more about number sense as they work through this worksheet and practice determining if a number is even or odd. This worksheet is teacher-created and teaches first-graders the standards they need to learn this year and gives them the type of foundation they will need in order to add on more challenging concepts in the future. Download this free worksheet today and first graders can get right to practicing working with even and odd numbers!