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Who knows their numbers? This worksheet by ArgoPrep will have grade-one students showing their understanding of number patterns. Students will either tell the number before the one listed or the number that is after it. This worksheet is teacher-created and works to help grade-one students build their skills with numbers as they work through the problems. They will appreciate this opportunity to show how much they know about numbers!
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep for grade-one is all about sequencing numbers. This worksheet is an opportunity for students to further practice their skills with numbers. While most grade-one students are very quick to know their numbers to 20 or even 50 after awhile things might become more challenging. This worksheet is a way for students to practice and think about the order of numbers and helps them grow more in this area, whether they are just at the beginning stages or are experts with numbers. This worksheet challenges students to tell the number before or the number after a given number. If a student struggles with the numbers, even the practice of using a number line or 100's chart will have them learning more about the patterns in numbers, such as how after every ten, the numbers start over with one in the one's place. Download this teacher-created worksheet so grade one students can solidify their expertise with numbers!