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This ArgoPrep worksheet has grade-one students subtracting numbers with the use of ten's rods. This worksheet is an excellent way for first graders to practice and grow their skills with place value as well as subtraction. Students will use this method of subtracting ten's rods by just putting an x through those they are subtracting. This worksheet is a great way for first graders to learn more about place value. Download the worksheet below to get started!
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This base-ten worksheet by ArgoPrep will have grade-one students working with ten's rods to subtract various numbers. Students will see how simple it is to subtract with ten's rods, such as when subtracting 50-20, because they just have to put an x through the rods that are being subtracted. This worksheet will have students drawing their own ten's rods or using the ones drawn for them to solve the problems, giving them a variety of items to practice. This teacher-created worksheet is excellent for practice, review, or for use as an assessment of learning. This method of using place value to subtract larger numbers is a skill that can be useful and will help students grow in their understanding. In addition, grade-one students will grow their skills with subtraction and place value at the same time with this worksheet! Download this free worksheet today so grade-one students can learn more about place value!