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This ArgoPrep worksheet teaches grade-one students all about rounding to the nearest ten's place. Students will learn that 12 would round down to ten, but 16 would round up to 20, for example, when they round to the nearest ten's place. This worksheet is an excellent way for grade-one students to learn about and practice rounding numbers to the nearest ten. ArgoPrep worksheets are created by teachers and are an excellent choice for giving first graders the foundational skills they need in math.
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This ArgoPrep worksheet for grade-one students is focused on teaching them how to round to the nearest ten. Learning how to round numbers appropriately (not rounding down when you should have rounded up and vice versa) is a skill students will use often in math, such as when estimating the sum of 81 and 63, which would be 140 when the numbers are rounded to the nearest ten. Grade-one students will learn that anything that has five or greater in the one's place will round up. And anything with four or less in the one's place will round down. For example, 68 has a number greater than five in the one's place, so it will round up to 70. This worksheet will equip grade-one students with the foundational knowledge they need to have to round numbers to the nearest ten and help set them up for success as they move on to round larger numbers in the future. Download the worksheet above to get started working right away!