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Practicing numbers up to 120 might sound challenging to grade-one students, but students will quickly begin to see patterns in the numbers as they get larger and larger. First graders will work to continue the counting sequence in this worksheet by ArgoPrep and grow their understanding of numbers at the same time. Download this free grade-one worksheet today and students can work on practicing or reviewing with numbers up to 120!
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Numbers up to 120 will be found in this worksheet! This ArgoPrep worksheet will help grade-one students learn all about numbers and patterns. Grade-one students will continue to see number patterns as they practice their numbers to 120 with this worksheet by ArgoPrep and work to extend the counting sequence. Numbers continue to use patterns as they get larger and grade-one students are learning all about numbers this year. This worksheet is teacher created and is right in line with what grade-one students should be learning about in math in order to establish a solid foundation with math for years to come. This excellent resource is available for use in any learning situation and will help first graders continue learning, reviewing, and practicing their skills with numbers up to 120. Download this free worksheet and students can practice working with numbers to 120 and grow their understanding of numbers and their patterns.