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This ArgoPrep worksheet focuses on having grade-one students practice writing the expanded form of numbers. The expanded form of numbers takes each place value and expands it, such as with 48, which becomes 40+8. The expanded form of numbers requires first graders to know their place value, so this worksheet will also be a great way to practice what they have been learning. Students will need to understand that the 4 is really 4 tens, or 40, and the 8 is 8 ones. Download the worksheet below to get started!
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep will have first graders writing numbers in the expanded form. Numbers written in expanded form require students to really understand what each number represents and know what its place value represents. For example, 54 in expanded form would be 50+4. Or 152 in the expanded form is 100+50+2. This worksheet will challenge grade-one students to really delve into what the numbers represent in the one's place, the ten's place, etc., and will continue to reinforce those concepts for them as they learn this new skill. This worksheet is an excellent resource for first graders learning or practicing the differences between the expanded form (such as 50+4), the standard form (which would be 54), and the word form (or fifty-four) of numbers. Download this free, teacher-created worksheet today, and first graders can get right to work with learning all about the expanded form of numbers!