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This ArgoPrep worksheet is an opportunity for grade-one students to complete subtraction problems by using number lines to work out the answers to the problems. Students will appreciate using this method to complete subtraction problems as they will learn or practice a new subtraction method. Students will begin on the number line on the first number and subtract (going towards zero) using the second number. The number they end on is the answer! Download this worksheet today!
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Using number lines to solve subtraction problems is a great way to ensure accuracy in solving problems and grade-one students will have the chance to practice this skill in this worksheet by ArgoPrep. Grade-one students will complete subtraction problems by starting with the first number and moving towards zero the number of spaces that the second number equals and then they will land on the answer. This method of subtraction is a valuable method for grade-one students to check their work and solve problems in a different way. In addition, more challenging numbers like subtraction of double-digit numbers can be just as easily completed by starting on the first number and subtracting back the second number. Grade-one students will love the chance to practice, review or assess their learning with this worksheet on subtraction using number lines, so download this free worksheet and they can get started today!