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This worksheet by ArgoPrep continues having grade-one students work on methods of subtraction. This method involves having students draw out objects that equal the first number. Then they will subtract by crossing out the second number of objects. The number of objects that aren't crossed out is the answer to the subtraction problem. This worksheet will challenge first graders to use a method that will help with accuracy as well as help students to understand the process of subtraction even more.
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This set of subtraction problems by ArgoPrep will be perfect for practice, review, or assessment for grade-one students. This worksheet has fun objects for students to use as they work out the subtraction problems. Drawing pictures to show the work is a subtraction method that ensures accuracy and helps students be confident they are completing the problems correctly. This worksheet is a great way for grade-one students to practice using objects in subtraction because it's as simple as drawing the number of objects in the first number and then crossing out the second number of objects and the resulting objects that aren't crossed out will be the final answer. This worksheet is teacher-created and is right in line with what first graders should be learning in math to prepare them for future grade levels with more challenging work. Download this free worksheet today for use in any learning situation!