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This ArgoPrep worksheet seems like it is missing something, but that just means that grade-one students will be challenged to write out the equations! This worksheet has pictures and some are crossed out. Students will need to count out the total number of objects, then count those that have been crossed out. Once the crossed out number has been subtracted from the total, the answer will be found. Students will need to write out the missing equations to find the answers and show their work.
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This ArgoPrep worksheet for grade-one students has students determining the appropriate equation for each problem themselves. The pictures show the problem, but students are going to have to count the total number of objects, subtract those that are crossed out, and finally find the answer to the problems. Rather than having students work with an equation that is already there, draw out their own objects to show the subtraction, this worksheet has turned everything around! First graders will be challenged to discover what the original equation was and to show their work to find the answers. This worksheet will reinforce for grade-one students how they can use objects to show their subtraction, as well as the process for writing an equation. This worksheet is a great way for students to look at the problems from a different angle and therefore understand the process even better. Grade-one students will appreciate the challenge this worksheet brings!