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This ArgoPrep worksheet will challenge grade-one students to find the incorrect equation using addition and subtraction. Students will study four different equations, to find out which one is incorrect, using their skills with addition and subtraction to discover the answer. This worksheet is teacher-created and excellent for review or practice. First graders will love the challenge of discovering which equation is false!
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This ArgoPrep worksheet for grade-one students will challenge grade-one students to find which of four different equations is not correct. The four equations are addition and subtraction problems that are similar to each other, but only three of them are accurate equations. First graders will need to test each equation to see if it is correct to discover the one that is not. This worksheet is a fun and challenging way for grade-one students to practice their discernment as well as their knowledge of the rules of equations because each side of the equal sign has to be equal, such as is the case with 7=7, 6+1=7, 7+0=7, however, not with 7+1=7. Can you find which one is incorrect? Grade-one students will get a lot of great practice and review with this worksheet that has them working with a variety of types of problems. Download the free worksheet above and students can get right to work looking for the incorrect equations!