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What time is it? Grade-one students will practice telling time to the hour with this worksheet by ArgoPrep and will be that much closer to being able to tell time for themselves. Learning how to tell time to the hour is the first step in learning about reading a clock and this worksheet will help first-grade students practice this skill. Download the worksheet below and students can begin practicing right away!
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This ArgoPrep worksheet will have grade-one students telling time to the hour. Students will practice recognizing the hands of the clock and the time each hand represents, by finding the time to the hour. This worksheet allows them to focus on telling time to the hour, so the clocks will have times like 1:00, 2:00, or 5:00. This worksheet will help first-grade students have a solid foundation for telling time by reinforcing for them the idea that the shorter hand is the hour hand without them having to know how to tell time to the minute just yet. This worksheet is a great way for grade-one students to practice or review beginning skills with telling time or it can even be used as an assessment before moving on to learning more about time. This excellent resource is free, teacher-created, and easily downloadable, so download it today and students can get right to work practicing telling time!