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Grade-one students are still learning concepts like how long a minute, an hour, or a day is and this worksheet will help them build a solid understanding of the differences between different units of time. Grade-one students will practice deciding if an activity should take a few minutes, an hour, or a day to complete. This free resource by ArgoPrep is available for use in any learning situation and will give grade-one students a solid understanding of different units of time.
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Would it take hours, minutes, or days to complete a certain activity? Grade-one students are still learning about different units of time, such as hours, minutes, and days. Understanding how long various units of time last can be challenging. Waiting a whole hour for something special can feel like days rather than just a few minutes when you are awaiting something exciting that is to come. Having to wait thirty minutes is nothing compared to waiting thirty days, but first graders can get confused with these measurements of time when they don't know the difference between the two. First-grade students will have the opportunity to learn more about various different units of time with this worksheet by ArgoPrep. Download the above worksheet today and students can learn more about the differences between various units of time and how long different activities typically take to be completed.