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This first-grade ArgoPrep worksheet has word problems for students to practice completing. Rather than just having a problem to complete, students will have to read the story and decide for themselves what problem is to be completed based on what the word problem says. These problems are a great way for first-graders to see how math is used all the time outside of the classroom as well as giving them the chance to discover for themselves how the problem is to be solved.
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Word problems are a way for first-grade students to see how math is used in life outside of math class. Students will see how reading the story problems carefully, especially the question, to find out what they need to do, is important so they complete the correct math problem. After that, students will need to identify all of the important information, specifically the numbers, they will need to use. They then need to decide if the problem will be solved using addition or subtraction, for example. Finally, they need to solve for the answer. Learning about word problems will set them up for success in the future as they will have a solid understanding of completing word problems and the steps they should follow. This free worksheet is a great way for first-grade students to practice working on word problems. Download this free worksheet today and students can get to work learning about completing word problems!