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Second-graders have a lot of practice with solving various types of addition problems, and this ArgoPrep worksheet will have them reviewing those skills. The more comfortable and speedy students grow with solving addition problems, the better students will be set up for success with so many other math procedures. This worksheet will help second-graders to practice what they have learned and prepare to learn so much more in the near future. Download the worksheet below to get started right away!
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Addition is the subject of this second-grade math worksheet by ArgoPrep. Grade-two students have practiced working with addition at many different levels in the past, such as one-digit plus another one-digit addend, or the addition of three one-digit addends, or even problems with a three-digit addend plus another three-digit addend. This worksheet will help jump-start second-graders' skills again by reminding them of what they have learned in the past and will prepare them for learning even more in the near future. Grade-two students will show their expertise, as well as having a chance to review what they learned in the past with addition as they work through these problems. This is an excellent worksheet for use as a review, practice, or assessment. Download this free, teacher-created worksheet today, which can be used in any learning situation, and students can get right to work showing how much they know about addition!