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This worksheet by ArgoPrep will have second-grade students working on adding by using the counting on method. Counting on in addition is the method where students start on the first addend and count on the number of the second addend to find the answer. Students will be familiar with this method and will have the opportunity to review and practice using this method. This worksheet is an excellent way for students to review a method for addition.
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Adding by counting on is the addition strategy that this ArgoPrep worksheet for second-grade students will go over. Second-graders are familiar with this strategy that has them beginning with the first addend and from that point, counting up the number of the second addend to find the answer. A great way for students to do this is to keep students on target is by using a number line if the numbers are larger. Students can use this method by starting at the first number, such as 5, and jumping down the line the number of the second addend, such as 6. So in this example, starting at 5, and counting up 6 from there, will have students ending up at 11. This worksheet is excellent for review, assessment, and practice. This worksheet will help students to remember and practice an excellent strategy for solving addition problems. Download and print out this free worksheet today to get started.