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In the below ArgoPrep worksheet, second-grade students will complete addition problems by adding like units and then finding the total. Students will first expand the numbers, then add the tens, then add the ones, and finally, add the totals together to find the answer. This worksheet is great for practicing and reviewing the technique of adding like units in this manner. Download this worksheet to get started!
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Grade-two students will practice addition by adding like units in this ArgoPrep worksheet. Students will break numbers down into ones and tens, then add the ones with the ones, add the tens with the tens, and then add them together to find the answer. For example, when adding 72+13, students would write out each addend in expanded form: 70+2 and 10+3. Then add the tens, which would be 80, and the ones, which equals 5. Finally, add 80+5=85. This method allows students to have a different method to use when they need it. Second-graders are learning tools for how to solve problems in various ways so they have resources to use when they need to solve problems. This method of solving addition problems can be used to check work, to solve problems with mental math, or just as an alternative to traditional addition. This worksheet is free, teacher-created, and ready for use in any learning situation.