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Adding multiples of 100 within 1000 might sound challenging, but grade-two students will quickly become experts at this task as they complete this worksheet. Students will work on addition problems with numbers like 400+200 and 500+100 in this worksheet by ArgoPrep. Although these numbers are larger, they are easy to add up when you only have to add the numbers in the hundred's place. Download the worksheet below to get started!
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Grade-two students will be challenged to add multiples of 100 within 1000 in this worksheet by ArgoPrep. These larger numbers might look difficult to add, but will be as easy as just adding the hundred's place numbers since the tens and ones are just zeros. Once students realize this, they might feel like they are back to adding single-digit numbers again. For instance, 100+200 is the same as adding 1+2 (3) and then adding on the zeros at the end! So, grade-one students will be able to quickly add 100+200, which equals 300. Larger numbers like 700+300 are just as easy when you realize that 7+3=10, add the two zeros, and you've got 1000. Second-grade students will be adding multiples of 100 so speedily once they have practiced these problems. Working on this worksheet will have second graders adding multiples of 100 like pros! This teacher-created resource is free and readily available for download today!