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This ArgoPrep worksheet will have second-grade students adding double-digit numbers to other double-digit numbers and regrouping when necessary. Download the worksheet below so that students can get right to work reviewing their skills with double-digit addition with regrouping. Second-grade students will need to move ten over to the next column (or regroup) when the number is too large. This worksheet is perfect for review, practice, or assessment.
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This two-digit and two-digit addition worksheet by ArgoPrep includes the need to regroup and will challenge second graders with past learning. Second-grade students will review adding two-digit numbers to other two-digit numbers with the need to regroup when the numbers in one column add up to ten or more. For instance, if the numbers in the one's column added to 12, the 12 can't stay there since it is the one's column and 12 is much larger. So, ten needs to go to the ten's column and the 2 will stay in the one's column. Students will practice and review adding two-digit numbers and regrouping with this free teacher-created worksheet. This worksheet will help students prepare for more challenging lessons to come involving the addition of larger numbers by having them review skills they have learned in the past. Download this free worksheet today and second graders can get to work with double-digit addition with regrouping!