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This ArgoPrep worksheet gives second graders the chance to solve basic word problems using addition to find the answers. Word problems are problems using everyday type examples to challenge students to use the math strategies they have been learning. This worksheet will help students to practice looking for what the problem is asking them to solve as well as what the important information is that they will use to solve the problems. Download this worksheet today and students can practice solving word problems.
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This ArgoPrep worksheet for second grade focuses on word problems that require the use of addition to solve the problems. These word problems also require only one step to solve the problems, rather than having more steps involved. Second-grade students will get to practice their skills with addition while solving problems that are similar to situations they might encounter in life and will show them how they can use the math skills they are learning in real life. In addition, the problems will start out with only one step, helping them to become proficient in solving word problems incrementally, in preparation for the future when there will be more steps involved. Word problems are simple when students know to read through the problems carefully, look for what the question is asking, and circle the important information. Second graders will get the opportunity to practice working with basic word problems using addition in the above worksheet.