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The worksheet below takes word problems to a new level by requiring second-grade students to complete two steps to solve them. While still involving the use of addition, these problems will be a bit more challenging with two steps and will give students more to discover. This is an excellent way for grade-two students to practice working on problems that are like ones they might encounter in real-life and practice the skills they need to solve these types of problems. Download this free worksheet today!
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This ArgoPrep worksheet has word problems with two steps and requires the use of addition to solve the problems. Grade-two students will need to carefully read the problems to discover the two steps involved in solving these word problems. This worksheet is a great way to remind grade-two students that math problems are solved all the time in everyday life and help them to learn the strategies needed to be able to solve those problems by practicing these story problems. Students will already be proficient in solving the addition problems associated with these word problems, so they can concentrate on what steps the problem is asking them to complete and what information is necessary to solve the problem. Practicing working on word problems at this level will help second-grade students for years to come as they will build a solid foundation with these skills to use when problems become more challenging.