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This ArgoPrep worksheet will have second-grade students learning about the difference between even and odd numbers. As students pair up shapes, they will easily be able to determine if a number is odd or even based on if each shape has a partner. This worksheet will help students learn about which numbers are odd and which are even, so just by looking at any number, they will know which it is. Download the free worksheet below to get started!
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Learning about the difference between even and odd numbers will help second-grade students know more characteristics about numbers, and this ArgoPrep worksheet does just that! As students practice determining if there are an even or odd number of shapes, they will begin to have a framework for which numbers are even and which are odd. Second-grade students are learning that with even numbers, there is always a partner for each object, or in other words, it can be divided into two. Odd numbers, on the other hand, always have one object left over. Understanding the difference between odd and even numbers, as well as knowing if a number is odd or even, will help second-graders as they prepare to learn about multiplication and division in the near future. This teacher-created worksheet about odd and even numbers for second-grade students is excellent for practice, review, or as an assessment.