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These renaming numbers 2nd-grade worksheets by ArgoPrep will have second-grade students learning all about renaming numbers to use them in problems. They will change the form of numbers as needed so they can solve problems. This could mean writing a number in word form, regrouping it for subtraction, or rounding it to the nearest ten. This worksheet is an excellent resource for second-graders learning all about renaming numbers!
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These renaming numbers 2nd-grade worksheets will have second-grade students learning all about numbers. Whether it's rounding numbers, regrouping them, writing them in a different format, or reordering them, these ArgoPrep worksheets will teach second-graders all they need to know about how to do this. Sometimes students will need to round a number to the nearest ten or 100 to work out a problem. Other times they will need to regroup the number so they can subtract it from another number and in this case will borrow ten from the other column to get more in the one's column. Other times students will need to write numbers in the expanded form with the hundreds, tens, and ones separated. Students might also need to know how to write numbers that are in the numerical form into the word form or vice versa. These worksheets are teacher created and will help students learn all they need to learn to prepare for future lessons.