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These common core worksheets for fourth grade by ArgoPrep are ready for use today! Instead of only learning traditional methods of solving problems, common core lessons teach students different methods to solving problems. Students have been taught ways to break down the problems into more manageable sizes so problems can be solved easier. Students will be challenged to solve problems in various ways that they have learned and they will have a chance to practice and review these methods here.
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These common core worksheets for fourth grade by ArgoPrep are exactly what your fourth-grade students need to get their skills up to speed with fourth-grade mathematics and meeting the common core standards. These worksheets were created by teachers and meet the standards of what students should be learning in math this year. Common core standards, whether using multiplication, addition, or division, give students the opportunities to learn how to solve problems in many different ways to allow them a choice in how to determine the answers. For instance, with multiplication, problems can be made smaller and more manageable, such as taking a problem like 54X12 and breaking it down to (50+4) X (10+2) and then solving 50X2 + 50X10 + 4X10 + 4X2. When you put it all together, you get 648. This worksheet will have fourth graders solving problems using common core processes. Download this worksheet today!