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These line plots worksheets for fifth-grade are an excellent way for students to practice or review working with line plots. Students will be given a data set to work with and they will use it to create a line plot and then they will answer the questions about the data based on what their line plot displays. This worksheet is a great way for students to try their hand at creating line plots and are an excellent resource for use in any learning situation!
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These line plots worksheets for fifth-grade students will have students drawing and evaluating data with line plots. Line plots are one of many ways students are learning to display the results of data so that the information can be looked at and interpreted more clearly. Line plots utilize fractions or whole numbers on a number line and show frequency with lines. Download this ArgoPrep worksheet to have fifth-graders evaluate data that is given in a problem by creating a line plot and answering questions about the results. Line plots display the frequency of numbers on a number line and make it easy to see as the lines of x's grow depending on how many items are repetitive. This worksheet is teacher-created and useful for practice, review, or even assessment of line plots! Download this free worksheet to have fifth-graders grow their skills and practice creating and evaluating line plots today!