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When you begin to dip your toes in finding curriculums for your 7th grader, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There is a huge benefit (and drawback) to how many 7th-grade homeschool curriculums there are available!

On the one hand, with so many options, you have the opportunity to select the best choice for your child. However, on the other hand, with so many options, it can be challenging to know if you are making a wise selection.

Additionally, since many 7th-grade homeschool curriculums are costly, many parents want to guarantee that the content is valuable, and it will challenge and develop their students. 


That is why ArgoPrep has compiled the best 7th-grade homeschool curriculums for you! Featuring a mix of traditional workbooks, online platforms, and supplemental resources, with this guide, you will be well on your way to creating a fantastic 7th-grade homeschool curriculum.

One Note:

One of the best benefits of a 7th-grade homeschool curriculum is that you can find resources that match your family’s values and goals.

Many curriculums are faith-based and geared towards a Biblical truth. This may not meet the needs of individual family’s, so make sure when shopping for curriculums that you read the product descriptions closely to understand the philosophical views of the product.



Megawords teach reading, spelling, and contextual use of words in complex reading scenarios. While 7th-grade homeschool curriculums do not include reading instruction, special attention should still be paid to vocabulary development.

Since vocabulary use is critical to becoming comprehensive readers and writers, offer Megawords supplemented with any of your ELA curriculums to develop a deeper understanding of higher-level words.

This independently operated content developer offers daily writing activities, skill-specific lessons, and writing development. This is a great resource to fine-tune skills that your student is learning and make the content more engaging. 

Razzle Dazzle learning using a lot of interactive learning, which means that your child will not be stuck just reading and regurgitating the information. Instead, the activities are highly engaging, and your child will be able to remember what they learned and build on it!

This curriculum will teach your 7th grader everything they need to know to be effective argumentative writers. The curriculum, which features student, parent, and DVD resources, will teach your child the 28 logical fallacies, which gives students the tools to be effective arguers and writers.

Students love integrating classic films and literary devices in this highly engaging curriculum. This is for higher-level students but will use the concepts taught in 7th grade ELA through classic cinema.

ELA Supplemental Resources


Fix It! Grammar features daily grammar practice for students to correct common writing mistakes.

Students will complete various close read activities on high-interest topics. These lessons reinforce reading strategies, comprehension, and vocabulary while engaging readers with unique and exciting topics.

ArgoPrep ELA Daily Practice Book

Looking for a workbook that is easy to use and effectively teaches students the foundations of ELA? ArgoPrep has created a workbook with parents and 7th graders in mind. This workbook (which requires around 20-30 minutes per day) will walk students through some of the most common English writing and reading mistakes and help students understand the rules to be a more eloquent writer and a more comprehensive reader.

Social Studies


Learn about notable dates and people throughout U.S. History in this highly engaging curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to learn about all of the regions of the United States through completing research, games, and more.

These history pockets expand on topics surrounding Westward Expansion. These pockets include activities to engage and excite learners about settling in the western United States.

Explore all 195 countries of the world, learning about different cultures, landmarks, and more with this fun Social Studies curriculum!

This includes lesson plans, flashcards, maps, and more, making it a complete ready-to-use curriculum!

This supplemental curriculum is perfect for students who want to expand their knowledge of the United States government. Voted a top resource by homeschool parents, these activities should not be missed!



This fully online science (and math) program is perfect for any student! The platform, which is an adaptive platform (this means that it will increase or decrease in difficulty to match your child’s skills), features games and lessons that reinforce scientific topics.

Uzinggo also includes virtual experiments, real-world problems, and manipulatives, entirely replacing the classroom experience. 

ArgoPrep Daily Practice Workbook- Science

ArgoPrep is happy to offer our daily practice workbook centered around 7th-grade science topics. Using our innovative 5 E’s to build mastery, students will engage, explore, explain, experiment, and elaborate on scientific issues with the goal of mastery.

The workbook, which is priced much lower than many of it’s competitors, is a treasured addition to many homeschooler’s daily work.



An online math curriculum that offers the content that matches your student’s needs. This curriculum is perfect for a student who is looking for an additional challenge after testing out of grade-level math.

It’s also perfect for students who need extra help to catch up, stay on grade, and more. Parents love how easy this curriculum is to use.

Math U See is a non-traditional math curriculum with a long history of educating homeschooled students to mastery. Since they are non-traditional, many parents are unsure where to start when shopping for this curriculum, but don’t let that deter you!

This program is perfect for students who need something different than the average curriculum, and students who work through the Math U See program notice a deeper understanding of concepts than traditional methods.

Following the classroom method of “flipped learning,” this math curriculum will put the learning into student’s hands and guide them to mastery.

This method of education is perfect for students who struggle sitting and listening and want to interact with the material more personally to learn.

The gold-standard math instruction, Singapore Math, has become a standard homeschool curriculum geared at teaching mastery through evidence-based education.

ArgoPrep Math Practice Workbook

Prepare your child for middle school math with our award-winning Math Practice Workbook for Grades 6 to 8. Used by teachers, parents, and students nationwide, this workbook provides middle school children with comprehensive practice questions covering a wide range of topics they will encounter in middle school.

And More


One of the unique benefits to homeschooling students is the opportunity to build in electives that meet the needs and interests of your child. There are so many things to choose from! From music, photography, art, welding, woodworking, theatre, and more, the options are endless!

Also, students should be getting some P.E. exposure as well. With so much freedom and customization available for students, it’s impossible to compile a complete list of the fantastic resources available. 

Here is a very condensed list to jumpstart your brainstorming!

CodaKid is an online coding and game design platform for students. This is the perfect STEM addition to a 7th-grade homeschool curriculum.

Parents love CodaKid because the lessons are designed in a way that doesn’t require students to regurgitate information but instead apply complex topics to demonstrate understanding.

Sparketh has quickly become the preferred art instruction website for 7th-grade homeschool curriculums. This is because there are new videos each week, and the videos challenge students to create unique pieces that they will be proud of.

Additionally, Sparketh offers mentorships and one-on-one instruction for students who want a more focused study opportunity.

7th-Grade Supplemental Resources


Teachers Pay Teachers has always been a fantastic resource for educators wanting to supplement activities in their classrooms. But with the increase of distance learning and homeschool families, it now has become a one-stop-shop for homeschool families wishing to add engaging activities into their education.

The benefit of using Teachers Pay Teachers is that educators create the activities to guarantee that the rigor, content, and support is built into the activities. Additionally, when you purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers, you support fellow homeschool educators and teachers, which is a noble cause!

It is essential to continue to provide opportunities for your child to learn the 21st Century Skills that will benefit them beyond school. One of those skills is typing and word processing. Using a typing resource is a great way to supplement that practice with no extra cost for you.



With so many options available, it can be difficult to discern if you are selecting a high-quality 7th-grade homeschool curriculum. Since your child is nearing high school, you may find it valuable to include your child in the conversation. Try to pick products and subjects that will engage them in their learning.

Regardless of the curriculum you choose, remember that homeschooling affords you the unique opportunity to teach your child self-direction and accountability. These are valuable skills for any student who wants to become a well-rounded adult capable of self-starting and managing their time effectively.

7th-grade homeschool curriculums offer a wide range of topics and customizability. With so much variety, it’s easy to meet the interests of your child while still satisfying grade-level requirements. 

What are some of your favorite 7th-grade homeschool curriculums? Let us know in the comments below!

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