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150,000+ educators, parents and students use ArgoPrep to help prepare for exams.

Why ArgoPrep?

We are one of the leading providers of online test prep courses and supplemental education products. BUT, we know that’s not good enough when it comes to deciding your child’s future. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of master educators with over 100+ years of combined teaching and test prep experience.

Our SHSAT prep course isn’t just about telling students what’s on the test!
It also provides students with...

•Real teachers and test prep coaches modeling thinking strategies that lead to success on the SHSAT and beyond.

•Strategies to break down any kind of question they might encounter.

•An organized approach to analyzing any written passage.

We pride ourselves on creating materials that are…

so students are motivated to invest time in preparing for test day
so students are ready for even the most difficult questions
so students see all the different ways the exam might challenge them

Learn How You Can Help

As a parent, you play a crucial role when it comes to preparing your child for the SHSAT exam and determining their path toward college and career success. Watch this video to learn:

• Quick Overview of the Specialized High Schools
• The secret on when your child should start preparing for the SHSAT exam
How ArgoPrep can help your child get into their dream Specialized High School

We are proud to say that both of
our SHSAT workbooks are
best-selling books used by
10,000+ students

We have also helped thousands more prepare for the GRE and
Common Core tests, so we know what it takes to get students ready for
crucially important moments in their academic careers.


Over 500+ high quality practice questions with video explanations:

English Language Arts Section
Mathematics Section

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What is the ArgoPrep “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy?

We are confident our videos and practice questions will improve your score. If you have not seen a score improvement after completing all the content on our learning platform, we will offer you a 100% refund. For more details, please review our Terms of Service.  

How much does ArgoPrep cost?

ArgoPrep offers two different price plans. You can select either a six month access to our learning platform which costs $16.99/month (total charged $101.94) or a one year access to our learning platform which costs $9.99/month (total charged $119.88).

How does your refund policy work?

If you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 3 days of using our system, you can get a 100% refund. For more details, please read our Terms of Service.

I am a school interested in using your platform for our students. Who do I contact?

If you are a school, educator or a non-profit organization looking to use our platform with your students please email us directly at

How can ArgoPrep benefit my school?

Schools often use ArgoPrep to supplement their existing program to prepare students for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. ArgoPrep offers a 100% digital solution so students can learn either in school or at the convenience of their own home. Teachers can assign students to complete practice questions or watch specific videos. Our platform becomes especially helpful during the summer where we not only prevent summer learning loss but allow for mastery of concepts that are tested on exams.

Can students use your platform on tablets?

Absolutely. Our learning platform works on all browsers, tablets and smartphone devices. Do students quiz and test grades get saved on your platform?That is correct! Students can see all their scores and their progress while using our learning platform.

How does Argo Prep prepare my child for the SHSAT exam?

Argo Prep offers a comprehensive online test prep course which means your child can study at the comfort of their own home at time. We have 30+ hours of video lectures that cover grammar rules, how to revise and edit, reading comprehension, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis. Not only do we cover all the different concepts that will be tested on the exam, users also have access to over 550 practice questions. In addition, all of our practice questions come with video explanations, so if a student is stuck on any problem, they can simply watch the video to see how to solve the question. Our test preparation experts don’t just tell them the right answer, either; they work through each question one step at a time, modeling proper thinking and work strategies.

How hard is the SHSAT exam?

This is a great (and important) question. In order to quantify how “hard” the exam is, we need to take a look at some basic statistics! Recently, roughly 28,000 students took the SHSAT exam and a little over 5,000 students were offered a seat at a specialized high school. That math works out to a success rate of roughly 18%. That means that regardless of how “hard” any individual question or section is, it’s key to be in the highest possible percentile of test-takers if you wish to secure a spot in one of these prestigious institutions. Admission into one of the specialized high schools is solely based on your SHSAT exam score and, depending on the school, some form of an audition. This means the SHSAT is a highly competitive exam that requires active, rigorous preparation.

Isn’t my child’s school preparing them for this test?

Of course, ideally. However, the workload for classroom teachers is greater than ever, and the result is often skill or knowledge gaps for just about every student, even those who pride themselves as A+ performers. Given the incredibly competitive nature of the SHSAT, only the students with mastery of all grade-level Math and ELA concepts have a real shot at getting into a specialized high school. That’s where we come in! Your child may have learned all the content or practiced all the skills on the test once, but we’re to refresh, reinforce, clarify, and deepen understanding.

What is the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT)?

The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a three hour exam for students looking to gain admission into one of the eight specialized high schools. These schools include:
- The Bronx High School of Science
- The Brooklyn Latin School
- Brooklyn Technical High School
- High School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering at the City College of New York
- High School of American Studies at Lehman College
- Queens High School for the Sciences at York
- Staten Island Technical High School
- Stuyvesant High School

When should my child start studying for the SHSAT exam?

This is a popular question among both parents and students. As we all know, every student has their own learning style and picks up concepts at their own unique pace, but with that said, we strongly recommend students start studying 10 months before there exam date. Whoa! Ten whole months?! Relax! We’re not talking about hours and hours of power cramming each day. Fifteen to twenty minutes of practice is all you need each day to “kill” the exam. It’s also a great way to extend learning during the summertime and prevent backslide between grades. When school is out of session, you can bump that twenty minutes up to thirty, which helps students maintain healthy academic habits when they’re away from the classroom. Three weeks before the exam, we generally recommend students increase practice time to 45 minutes to an hour each day as they make the final push toward the finish line.

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We know what it takes to get into a Specialized High School. ArgoPrep is the ONLY online platform to offer you a FULL comprehensive test prep program for the SHSAT exam!

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Official SHSAT Handbook Math Video Explanations (2018-2019)- Yes

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Live Chat - Yes

1 month


per month

Video lectures - 100 Videos

Practice Questions - 600 Questions

Official SHSAT Handbook Math Video Explanations (2018-2019)- Yes

30+ hours of video explanations - Yes

3 Day Money Back Guarantee - Yes

Personalized Study Plan - No

Live Chat - Yes

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