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Close learning gaps, get measurable results, and boost student confidence
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ArgoPrep is a MUST-HAVE tool for classrooms
We save schools on average $20,000 a year in curriculum and software cost.+
Access over 80+ eBooks for your classroom

ArgoPrep has 80+ workbooks to support your Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies needs for your classroom.

These colorful, student-friendly workbooks are available for your students as soon as you sign up – no separate license or purchase required!

You will immediately be able to access every digital workbook in our library, making it easy to find materials in one place no matter what you teach from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

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15+ Educational Awards
ArgoPrep is an invaluable resource for teachers to provide you with the tools to succeed in the classroom.
Moms Choice Gold Award
Moms Choice Gold Award
Learner Variability: Product Certification
Learner Variability: Product Certification
Homeschool  Seal of Approval
Homeschool Seal of Approval
Parent’s Choice Gold Award
Parent’s Choice Gold Award
National Parenting Product Award
National Parenting Product Award
Tillywig Brain Child Award
Tillywig Brain Child Award
Education Hero of The Year
Education Hero of The Year
The EdTech Cool Tool Award
The EdTech Cool Tool Award
K-8 Math and Language Arts Videos

At ArgoPrep, we know how important it is to engage your students. With over five hundred engaging and comprehensive video lessons, you can be confident that your students are getting what they need to succeed.

The best part? Students can check their own answers by following along with videos that walk students through the problem.

Use these lessons, videos, and workbooks in your classroom to nail differentiation at all levels!

image K-8 Math and ELA Video Lectures
image Practice Quizzes
Practice Items

It can be tough to create brand new material every time you want students to practice, so let ArgoPrep give you back your planning time.

With over 30,000 practice questions, you can easily assign students practice quizzes to reinforce your classroom instruction. Using the ArgoPrep platform means that you and the student get instant feedback.

Teachers can monitor the progress of each student on the site’s user-friendly dashboard, and students can own their data by keeping track of their mastered skills.

Whenever there is a learning gap or a chance to accelerate, you are able to easily give them the tools they need to grow.

We understand your worry!
That is why we are removing all barriers, and bringing the best educational solution to your school.
30 Days Free Trial
Sign up, worry-free! There is absolutely no obligation. No credit card is required to sign up.
Cost Effective
We believe in transparent pricing. A school license ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the school size.
80+ Titles
Our materials, lessons, and quizzes are created by state-certified teachers.
Take Back Your Planning Time

You have probably had to cover another teacher’s class at least once in the past two years. Imagine if you could instantly and easily assign work for any core subject, even if that teacher left nothing!

Students will enjoy the engaging graphics and content, and you get your planning time back with the peace of mind that these students are engaged in high-quality content instead of busy work.

For your own students, you are already giving them the valuable gift of preparation and high-quality instruction, so let ArgoPrep help you with the practice items.

And hey, we know that technology can be confusing and overwhelming for some, so ArgoPrep provides you with a user-friendly dashboard to create classrooms, manage each student in each class, and from there, see completed assignments.

image K-8 Math and ELA Video Lectures
Our Goal Is Growth

We don’t do data for data’s sake. We do it for our students. ArgoPrep’s platform allows you to make informed decisions about what your students are learning and if any remediation is needed. With an entire library of content for all core subjects available for you to assign or for students to explore, you can push your students to new heights! No matter what path you take to use our content, ArgoPrep is here to support your goals for your students.

93% of parents reported ArgoPrep is significantly helping their child improve their skills.
ArgoPrep keeps every student in mind!
Read more about how ArgoPrep promotes Learner Variability.
14 Day Free Trial
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Licensed Teachers
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Frequently Asked Questions
How will ArgoPrep help me as a teacher?

ArgoPrep’s award-winning online learning platform offers teachers with a variety of resources that can be used in the classroom or to be assigned as homework for students. One of the most popular and used feature of ArgoPrep is teachers have the ability to assign students video lessons, quizzes, and drills that we have created. From your teacher dashboard, you can keep track of student scores and if any students did not complete the assignment. Another popular used resource is our eBooks. We have over 80+ published test prep workbooks, and offer these workbooks digitally as well. As a teacher, you can pull the content from our workbooks to use in the classroom or assign to students for homework

Is ArgoPrep content/curriculum state-aligned?

Absolutely! ArgoPrep is a New York City based company so all of our curriculum adheres to the New York State standards which is very similar for all other states when it comes to state testing. You can rest assure that all of our materials are aligned and worded properly that is similar to state tests.

What’s included in the 30-day free trial?

You can create a teacher account for a 100% free 30-day trial to see how ArgoPrep helps your class. Please note you must use your school's email address or you will not be able to register. You will have access to all of our eBooks, video lessons, quizzes, drills, and printable worksheets. You can easily create a class link and have your students create their accounts in less than one minute. To inquire about a school license, email us at info@argoprep.com.

Do you store student information?

We take privacy very seriously and ArgoPrep does NOT collect identifiable student information. Students can create accounts with a username and do not need to provide an email address. From your teacher dashboard, you can manage all student accounts.

How hard is it to implement ArgoPrep in the classroom?

Implementing our online tools and resources is literally easy as .. one .. two.. three! Assign lessons and quizzes to students in a matter of minutes. Access our eBook and content in less than a minute. Our system is very user-friendly and we provide a robust onboarding system to help you understand how to use ArgoPrep.

Can I hop on a zoom call to learn more?

Have further questions or want to jump on a zoom call to see what ArgoPrep has to offer? Contact us at info@argoprep.com to set a zoom meeting with one of our representatives.

I love ArgoPrep, but how expensive is it?

We understand how important it is for schools and classrooms to be able to access affordable resources. Our prices vary based on the number of students in your school. A school license ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 a year. ArgoPrep is a very affordable solution and we do our best to accommodate each and every school. We are your education partners! ArgoPrep is used nationwide by schools. With a 30-day free trial, you have nothing to lose. 


What other teachers like you have to say
Don’t take our word for it...
star star star star star
The fact that you can print workbook pages is absolutely KEY. I cannot tell you how unbelievably frustrating it can be to find a wonderful supplemental resource that you cannot print (or only exists in digital form! Video Lessons are incredibly useful for self directed learning and for intervention purposes. Also, in general, I just love the way the ArgoPrep books are laid out. They're visually appealing and fun!
Ms. Pease (5-8 Grade Math Teacher)
icon Verified customer
star star star star star
Wish my school had discovered ArgoPrep earlier. The pricing is almost too good to be true given what we get. Our school uses various curriculums to supplement in the classroom especially for 3rd grade students and up because of the state exams which costs tens of thousands of dollars. Our math teachers love using ArgoPrep workbooks and the video lessons. I use this program daily in my class.
Mr. Hernandez (3rd Grade Teacher)
icon Verified customer
star star star star star
Trying to implement any new platforms for classrooms is like climbing a very steep mountain. I’m pleasantly surprised that this is actually easy to use for teachers and my students. We are gearing up for the state tests and we’ve been working a lot on the eBooks that ArgoPrep offers. I would highly recommend this platform to any teacher. I haven’t used their English materials yet because I only teach math. This is my current go-to website for my curriculum needs.
Ms. Faye (3rd & 4th Grade Math Teacher)
icon Verified customer
star star star star star
Our school has been using ArgoPrep for nearly 3 months now and as a math teacher, this has saved me so much time when it comes to lesson building. This is really a game-changer for teachers. ArgoPrep has taken it one step further than what we are used to seeing as teachers.
Mr. Lee (5th Grade Math Teacher)
icon Verified customer
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ArgoPrep meets the ESSER Requirements: (ESSER 1, ESSER II, and ARP ESSER) as well as ESSA Title I requirements.

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